Monday, May 12, 2014

WIP: Tyranid Biovore complete

Wrapped up the first of the biovore conversions I started last month. Pics after the jump.

Solid progress last week on my conversions, thanks to a rare weekend NOT filled with appointments and responsibilities. I finished my green stuff sculpting and primed the models. Once the primer was set (I usually wait for 24 hours for the polyeurethane based, airbrush primer to fully adhere to the model) I base coated and washed the skin on all three models.

I airbrushed the toxin tubes, as I had a small cup of my poison green ready from some airbrushing I was doing on my carnifexes.

Once the green was applied, I painted the carapaces. I use a base of black, with hex purple for the plate edges. A full tutorial on how I paint my tyranids can be found HERE.

I painted the bio-cannon grey and highlighted it with a mix of white. I then airbrushed poison green over the tip. This color runs as an accent over my entire hive fleet. Generally, the tongues of the creatures, as well as any areas that would generate toxin, like the tendrils on a venomthrope, or the ends of bio-weapons have this color applied to them.

I painted the connective tissue between the carapace and the bio-cannon with a mix of vallejo dark flesh and light flesh, and then washed it with GW agrax earthshade.

I created the first biovore conversion as an experiment, and was unsure if it would work, so I modeled the entire creature, and attached it to a base. Usually, I do NOT do this, as it causes trouble when painting the underside of the creatures, and hinders easily and quickly sanding, painting and dry brushing the bases. So, I left the remaining two biovores off their bases, and finished them separately.

It came together pretty well, I think. I'll finish the other two, and then clear coat the models before I shoot the showcase for next week.