Thursday, September 10, 2015

WIP: Ghost Ark #2 complete! Grey tide defeated!

My Necrons are finished!

That's it - with the completion of my second ghost ark, the Necron force I purchased over a year ago is now finished! Only I could take over a year to paint the simplest army in the entire game.

This also marks a momentous, occasion; I have defeated my grey tide! I made it my new year's resolution to complete every model in my collection, and I have!

It took me months of work to complete the first, but learning from that, I was able to cut some corners on this one, and used a lot fewer sub assemblies. The total time for the second ark was greatly reduced.

This is how I gang paint the gauss weapons. it's much faster than holding each separately. Paint, then flip. simple.

I built it in two main assemblies - front and rear, and kept the panels and riders off until it was nearly complete. Here, the riders await an oil wash.

feels good to be done. :)



  1. Replies
    1. some lychguard I got to support the local shop, and then terrain, terrain, terrain!

    2. What's your local shop, now that GW San Pedro is dead?

    3. The Bunker hobbies and games down in OC. it's only 5 minutes farther than the old San Pedro GW.