Tuesday, November 24, 2015

WIP: Tau Ethereal

Time to wrap up that kit-bashed ethereal I started 2 years ago.

I grabbed a plastic fantasy wizard with the intent to convert him into a Tau ethereal, because I can't stand finecast. It's pretty much just sat in a box until I saw the new plastic ethereal released last month, and got inspired.

I like this body because the flowing robes and ribbons are very dynamic. I chose the staff because it looks almost identical to the honor blade shown in the old Tau codex. Some more work to do here to bring the folds out a little more, but I'm close.

Had an extra bare Tau head from one of the fire warrior kits. Painted up here with my usual formula of light blue, drakenhov wash and then some highlighting. I've had to dremel out the neck on the body a bit, but this should fit.

New plastic model is floating on a drone - so my guy has to! I have a billion of these things. snipped the post off to be a bit shorter than normal. He'll fit perfectly on there.


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