Wednesday, April 12, 2017

WIP: Chimera complete

Wrapped up my chimera.

Finally got around to finishing the AM Chimera I'd put off last year. Fun kit. I'll probably add some weathering to it, and shoot a formal showcase for it soon.



  1. yeah? I keep thinking I should make it yellow...

  2. Hi. Not sure if you check the older posts so I will ask here. I really love your work and used some of your solution for my Tau army. I really love the missile heads painted in yellow so I would really like to know what color you used. Thanks!

  3. Glad the blog is helpful to you! The yellow I use is Vallejo Sun Yellow applied over a white base coat. I air brush the color so it goes on in a single coat, as transparent colors, like yellow, often take several brushed coats, which can lead to a streaky finish.

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    2. Thank you very much. Will try this color. Cheers.