Wednesday, May 3, 2017

WIP: Deathwatch Overkill - Rodricus Grytt

Jesus, the names on these guys.

Finished up ol' Roddy as I work my way through Squad Donatus. From what I understand, the frag canon is the bee's knees. Wish the pose was cooler, though.

I masked off the shoulder and painted it with the air brush in order to get a smooth, clean coat on the yellow. Now it's on to the last two characters in the squad, Mohawk McGee and What's-his-nuts.



  1. Looks very nice indeed! I agree on the pose though, the left hand looks in an awkward position, I'd have expected an overhand grip to assist with limiting recoil.

  2. Can't wait to see What's-his-nuts!

  3. Great job Trip, I love the Frag Cannon output but see what happens in 8th I guess before Ipaint my Roddy and three mates....