Monday, July 17, 2017

WIP: Grey Knights Landraider - Magnetization

Got my first game of 8th in and am now feeling a little more energy about getting some new stuff on the table. I've got a whopping 10 troops painted for my GK. What's the next logical step? A Landraider? Sure, why not?

Bought this model a LONG time ago, along with some Forge World and Scibor Miniatures parts to spice it up. I vaguely started on it years ago, but most of it was still on sprue until now.

First step for me on pretty much any model is figuring out how much I can get away with magnetizing. Never know when a new edition or codex is going to pop up and change the value of everything, right?

First up is the side turrets. I saw a few tutorials online suggesting chopping up the shaft that goes in the middle of the sponson. Why would you weaken the weakest part? My idea, magnetize the top cover and let the sponson sit comfortably in its holes.

Next up is getting the accessories on top a place to sit. May never use this...who knows. It was easy.

That's it so far. Here's some assembly shots...

Next up is the top turrets.