Thursday, February 1, 2018

WIP: BANDAI 1/12 scale C3PO

"Oh my! What have you done?! I'm backwards!"

More Star Wars hobbying! You know I can't build R2 and not have 3PO!

Another amazing BANDAI kit. The build isn't difficult, but does contain dozens of parts for each limb. Once again, the instructions are in japanese, but the step-by-step illustrations make it easy for anyone to assemble.

The model allows for very limited articulation, which is nice when choosing a pose, but getting a stable stance on the legs was still difficult. I may just glue him to the base permanently.

The kit contains multiple variants for the head, chest and arms, allowing several different builds from the original trilogy. (dented heads, restraining bolts, etc)

Now to weather him and his counterpart, and they'll look like they've come straight from the dune sea.


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