Friday, December 27, 2013

SHOWCASE: Tau Pathfinders

Recently completed and ready for viewing, a small gallery of final shots.
I had a lot of fun putting this squad together. As I outlined in my tutorial post, they came together quickly, and offered a good amount of customization right out of the kit.

Many of the poses have a lot of character, including soldiers reloading and scanning with devices. I did a quick conversion by using the "radio hand" in the kit, snipping off the radio and placing the included pulse pistol in it's place.

I also attached one of the several pulse carbines made to be strapped across the pathfinders back.

And, as the new feature in showcases, here's a cinematic shot of the completed squad in action on the forgeworld table.

Thanks for viewing!


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  1. Looking good! Love the action shot in the ruins.