Friday, December 13, 2013

WIP: Tau Pathfinders

The pathfinders move to completion! Pics and details after the break.

As mentioned in the monthly "mega painters" update, I've made solid progress on my pathfinders, and this week they're (very nearly) complete.

As visible in the pic above, I never assemble a model completely during the painting phase. This lets me detail the chest plates without having to work around the arms and guns. It's productive to have unfettered access to the model.

Speaking of heads, here's a gruesome sight; three Tau noggins. I paint the heads separately on all my models. this lets me air brush my base colors and highlights without having to mask the rest of the body. I can also complete multiple heads, "assembly line style", to increase speed, and make sure they are similar. Regular readers will know that I've decided to make the entire pathfinder team helmetless, to make them more "ranger-like" and set the apart from the fire warriors.

Arms and guns are done separately as well. Sharp eyes will notice tiny holes in the inner side of the shoulders. I mount all the items on cork caps with paperclip posts, so I can paint the parts without touching them. I also painted racing stripes on the drones to make them faster.

Here's a completed model. I * really * like the way these guys came together. Between the red armor and bare heads to set them apart from the fire warriors, and the way the white weapons pop against the rest of the model, I think I kinda nailed it. Love the variation in the kit also. GW has done a great job including multiple options for poses.

Have you completed the new plastic pathfinder kit? share in the comments below.


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  1. Looking quite good, I agree with you the white and red contrasts really well.