Wednesday, January 15, 2014

WIP: Broadside

Have made some good progress on my Broadside. Check er out.

Slow but steady progress. Managed to get all the parts cleaned up, primed, pre-shaded, based, and highlighted, and have started blocking out all the black.

Here's a couple pics of the torso from multiple angles/lighting. Hopefully you can see how the darker orange transitions up to the gold on the top sides. Was tough to photograph the subtlety. These will eventually get a yellow edge highlight.  This GW orange paint is really transparent and is a massive pain to paint with- even (or especially) through an airbrush. I just don't have the patience to do several coats.

Lots of parts to go, but having fun back on my main army. Need a good show off piece to start catching up to Trip and all his snazzy-pants accolades!
~ Deet

1 comment:

  1. looking solid. The multi value, top-down shading you used on your GK units is working really well here.