Monday, March 10, 2014

NOTICE: Items for auction on eBay

Some odds and ends from the studio are up for auction. Details and links after the jump.

Time for a little spring cleaning at the house of hammer! Here are a few items that I've decided to get rid of. Some are items I purchased and decided I did not want to complete, others are miniatures I painted and don't use, and some I painted because the model looked cool.

First on the block, a custom conversion of Canis Wolfborn! Early on, I thought about bringing Space Wolves as allies to my chapter, The Sons of Titan, so I converted and painted a custom Canis using the wolf lord kit. I am very proud of the way this model turned out, but the truth is, I'm never going to field it.

The link to the auction is HERE.

Second up, why bring Canis as your allied HQ if you aren't going to bring a bloodthirsty pack of Fenrisian Wolves? I painted these guys to bring as troops using Canis' special rule. They were some of the first units I painted with an airbrush, and we're featured early on the site. I'm also very proud of the way these turned out. I love them, but, without Canis, there's really no reason to keep them.

The link to the auction is HERE.

Next, we have four tyranid genestealers. These are from the fourth edition starter set, Battle for Macragge. I already have eight stealers and a broodlord, so I don't really need these guys.

The link to the auction is HERE.

Lastly, we have a NIB Darkstrider. I purchased him with everything else for my Tau meg-painters project, but, as he takes up an HQ slot, I'll probably never field him over a fireblade, ethereal or crisis commander.

The link to the auction is HERE.

If you see something you like, please bid on the items. If you win the auction, contact me though eBay, and let me know you're a reader - I'll waive the shipping fee!


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