Monday, June 23, 2014

WIP: Space Marine Rhino/Razorback

Early work on my second rhino/razorback.

Finally getting around to working on that second rhino/razorback I bought months ago, in a battleforce from craigslist.

My first razorback, showcased HERE, came fully assembled - all I did was paint it. In fact, it wasn't until months later that I realized it was assembled incorrectly, and the turret was too far forward. I corrected that mistake with a little careful body work.

I've started on the second by assembling the body and applying a primer coat of vallejo grey airbrush primer. It looks like white in the photos, but it does have a slightly darker color than their pure white primer. I find that it covers better as well.

Once the primer was applied, I pre-shaded the model using black primer. I've covered this before, but it bears repeating; pre-shading is a process where you apply a darker primer color to the recesses and panel joins of the model, so that it has more depth and detail when the base coat is applied.

I'll post some more pics on friday, when I've made some more progress.


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