Friday, June 6, 2014

WIP: Various projects

A quick look at what's currently on my workbench.

Several things going on right now, as I try to wrap up some projects and start on others.

I'm working to finish my biovore brood. Regular readers will remember the conversion I made from hive guard to custom biovore. Just need to do the carapace and cannon on these, and they'll be ready to field. I'm most excited to finish these because I will be able to field the Living Artillery Node from the tyranid dataslate - 1 exocrine, 3 biovores and a brood of warriors.

Admittedly, I was more excited about this before 7th edition came out, because it allowed me to field more heavies than the basic force org allowed. Now that's not really an issue with the new double org allowances.

My carnifex brood is nearing completion as well. This one's actually much further along, as I've already completed the arms and head separately, and simply need to finish gluing the model together. Can't wait to march these guys up the field like a freight train. I've lost the ability to embed a prime in their brood, though, thanks to 7th edition rule changes.

Lastly, Deet and I are very excited about the new psyker rules, and he gave me this librarian as a gift for my birthday in march. Certainly no excuse for not assembling him now! Think I'm gonna cut off that blade and replace it with something custom. Looks like a penis with cursive writing on it - hate it.

There are also some space marines on the table in the background, waiting to fill out the tactical squad I started a few months back. With "objective secured", they're more important than ever.



  1. Gah! Penis sword cannot be unseen. Well, mine will be painted up as GK so maybe I'll have to make mine a lightning dong.