Friday, September 5, 2014

An intro of sorts...

The day has finally arrived when H.O.W. adds a new artist! We're proud to introduce Darian who will be taking over Friday posts. Darian brings a great depth of experience, some variety in armies, and most importantly some fantastic models to the mix.  We're really excited to see all that he brings to the table. Check out his over-acheiver first post after the jump.

Good morning,

I've been privileged to become a part of this blog so I thought I'd take a moment for my first post to be a brief introduction.

My name is Darian, and I've been enjoying this hobby for about 4 years.  I got involved with this hobby at the urging of a couple students of mine at the martial arts school I teach at and instantly fell in love with the 40K and Fantasy universes.  I'll admit I'm not that skilled at playing the game; a common motto of mine is, "And they shall know no fear...or tactical acumen."  I enjoy playing but my main interest is the hobby side of things. 

I learned how to paint starting off at Games Workshop's now-defunct Academy program at the Portola Parkway store in southern California.  The first mini I painted was a Librarian in Terminator armor and it was embarrassing, especially since at my day job at a video game company I am surrounded by sculptors and artists of amazing talent.  But I persevered through it and eventually started to develop some semblance of skill.  I still keep that mini as inspiration though every year that goes by I look back at what I painted the year before and think, "wow I can't believe I actually thought that looked good when I painted it."  But it's my way of motivating myself to keep improving.
My first mini - embarrassing but motivational

My main armies are, in order of preference:

  • Blood Angels (I have about 16,000 points - 90% Forge World for the Horus Heresy setting)

Blood Angels Destroyers

My 2012 Armies on Parade winning entry

Blood Angels jetbike

  • Grey Knights (9000 points)

Psychic waves emanating from him.

  • Minotaurs (7000 points)

  • Imperial Knights (about 3000 points, including a Lancer - with a Castigator on order)

LED's courtesy of Powered Play.

My fantasy army is just Tomb Kings (about 2000 points) though I am looking to start an Undead Legion just so I can get the Neferata model.

First time trying to paint gold NMM by hand.

I also am a huge Terry Pratchett Discworld fanatic so I have a smattering of models from Micro Art Studios' Discworld line.

The Luggage!

Anyhow, apologies for being long-winded so thank you and I hope you enjoy the models and tutorials I will eventually post in the weeks to come.

Thank you,


What Titan?

A commission piece for a buddy of mine.

Fulgrim the Illuminator

I AM ASTARTES.  And you are in my way.
My attempt at a Crusade-era Rune Priest


  1. Awesome to have Darian on board! I'm excited he's taken the friday post, not only because I'll need the time for my firstborn son, but because he's a painter of exceptional skill. When I first saw his stuff, I had that reaction most of us do when they see someone so many levels above ourselves, "Why do I even try? I should just quit."

    Welcome to the team, Darian!

  2. Awesome to see more talent join such an awesome blog! Wonderfully painted mini's to boot!

  3. Thank you. I've got an interesting tutorial in mind for next week, though it'll be an airbrush tutorial.