Wednesday, September 3, 2014

WIP: Stormraven- Tweaker Status


I probably could have finished this Stormraven this week, but instead I decided to go full crazy and paint every single detail on the planet. I even took my first crack at NMM.  Check 'er out.

I had a pretty solid week of progress with all the extra time from our 4 day weekend. I had envisioned being just about done with details and moving on to oil washing and decals, but despite all the progress, I'm just not there yet. The cockpit interiors took over. I just couldn't help myself painting all those little screens and buttons despite the fact that they'll be barely visible once I put the canopy and glass on.

While we're shooting interiors, here's the inside screens I never shot last time.

For my NMM, I used this great tutorial from Rodion Rubin (we're not worthy). To save you the trouble of looking up the old/new GW paint conversion, it's Rhinox, Mournfang, Balor, Zamesi. I'm pretty happy with my first attempt, all things considered. It'll look better after the oil wash. One thing I'm really noticing though is that a lot of my details are getting messed up by little bits of crud screwing up the smooth finish. I probably need to wash off my palette. My Rhinox Hide is also really thin/translucent, especially for a "base" paint, which makes it really tough to build up over a metallic and that causes some ripples. Anyone else have that problem? I don't have the patience to keep it perfectly smooth over 3-4 coats. The 5 coats of white on the missiles was bad enough (and still doesn't completely cover-grr).

I've been able to start gluing a lot more pieces together so there's not so much strewn across my table. Nice to see it coming together. I've probably got at least one more night of detail painting to do before I seal it up and go to oil washes. I've been working on a custom decal sheet too. Will finish that up and get it printed out this week. It'll be tight but I'm hoping to finish it all up in time for next week's post.

Oh, and this Friday we have something special.  Jumped the gun last week.



  1. Unreal. That is some seriously obsessive compulsive stuff, right there. Well done!

    1. Wishing I had painted the interior of the cockpit a different color now. Steel armor on steel cockpit is a little bland. Oh well. Certainly not going back and repainting all that crap.

  2. The screens are fantastic. I now imagine the stormraven pilots doing this

    To fly the ship :).

    The NMM work looks great. Always impressed by nmm. It's definitely an standout technique!

    1. Thanks Greg. The NMM is surprisingly easy. You should give it a shot. I'm far from an expert on it, but can see myself getting there fairly quickly. Just need to practice my blending.

    2. It's on my list. Right after learning how to properly airbrush, mastering the hairspray and salt weathering techniques, learning how to blend, learning how to....

      etc etc :). It's always a good day when you're painting and learning!