Friday, November 21, 2014

WIP: Assault Terminators and Land Raider

Time for a change of pace from all that Necron stuff! Pics after the break.

Whew! Enough with the robot zombies! What I had thought would be a four or five part series turned into nine posts! I know I promised Tyranids next, but they haven't arrived yet. (remember, only suckers pay retail!)

I've had these CC terminators for over a year now, sealed in box. The only thing keeping me from building them was knowing that I had no way of getting them into combat. Deet purchased that GW Grey Knights web deal, and didn't need a second Land Raider - so now I've got no excuse!

I clipped the parts from the sprues, cleaned the mold lines and arranged the parts in preparation for assembly.

I used poster tack to put the models together temporarily to test poses. Once I was happy, I took photo reference, and then glued the models together, except for the heads and right arms. I have a specific paint scheme in mind, and it will be easier if I leave those off.

I assembled the land raider, making sure the parts dry-fit before gluing. It's always best to spot problems before they occur. Vehicle tools are usually old and have had many runs, causing the parts to fit poorly or have warping.

I used rubber bands to hold the hull together while the glue set. This ensures a good seal, and reduces the need for green stuffing on some joints. I left off the treads and other pieces that would be painted separately for ease.

I've left the top hull panel off, so that I can paint the inside of the model. I won't be going nuts like Deet did on the inside of his storm raven, but because the assault doors do open, I need to apply at least a base coat and some weathering to the inside.

Once the body was assembled, I moved on to the weapons platforms - and was immediately greeted by this—

Hooray, an incomplete pour on one of the sponson covers! Uhg. Usually GW's QC is pretty great, but it happens from time to time. Fortunately, I'll be able to swap this out over the weekend at my local shop.

Next time we'll primed and basecoat the squad.



  1. Mwuhaha. My plan worked perfectly. Couldn't let you get your Land Raider done before I get to work on mine. I've had mine sitting around for over a year!

  2. You are crazy productive trip! Wow never see a pour error like that before!

    1. I inherited some kroot that are even worse! Not sure what to do about those, as there's no receipt.

    2. I've got more Kroot than I'll ever paint. You're welcome to some.

  3. I love seeing Terminators and Land Raiders!