Monday, November 17, 2014

WIP: Necron Army - Part 9: Ghost Ark Complete!

Finally! I've wrapped up the Ghost Ark, and even got to use it in a game this weekend! Pics after the break.

It took a little doing, but I managed a few uninterrupted hours on saturday to finish the Ark. This thing took a LOT longer than I originally anticipated. I suppose you could slap it together, spray it silver and be done with it in a few hours-- but it's never that simple with me.

I added the completed driver to the rear sub assembly, and then used an oil wash to bring out the details and panel lines. I also edge highlighted the yellow areas with a mix of vallejo moon yellow and white. Lastly, I airbrushed the edges of the engines black, and then edge highlighted them with vallejo charcoal grey and cold grey.

I completed the cowling as a separate assembly, using an oil wash on the details, and edge highlighting with a fine brush. I also glued in the control panel.

Prepared for final assembly, all the parts look like this.

I attached the cowling to the rear engine assembly, then I assembled the model in sections. This made it much easier for me to place the gauss flayers and the passengers between the ribs. Once each sub assembly was complete, I joined the two halves of the model, the rear engine assembly and the front passenger carriage, together.

That was were the problems started.

The join surface on the rear engine assembly, where it meets the last spine of the passenger assembly, was not flush. Where the two halves should have come together on a flat surface to allow for as strong a bond as possible, was actually chamfered on each side, causing the model to wobble and bend as the glue tried to set.

I ended up rigging a series of stabilizers using a roll of tape, 3 paint bottles of varying size and a half a glass of water to brace the model while it set. Oy. It seems that everything turned out OK, but when placed on its flying stand, it seems to tip forward slightly. Grrr.

Anyway, it faired really well in its first game, and actually weathered tons of fire from Deet's brand new Storm Raven. The quantum shielding held through three volleys of fire, finally buckling to a crack missile.

Deet's Storm Raven was almost tabled, but judicious use of jinking and purposefully going in and out of reserves saved it. Looked great on the table.

And here's a parting shot. Next week, it's on to my first true love - Tyranids, and the shameless tons of new models they've received.



  1. I love your colour scheme, I may have to paint my own necron force in a similar fashion.... (even if mine would be poorly painted)

    1. steal away! I stole this one from Monkeychukka anyway!

  2. Trip,
    This came out beautifully. There is a ton of work into this model. All that's so clean and a beauty to look at! Nice work!

    1. thanks! I'd really like to have two of these in the army, but I am NOT looking forward to building and painting that second battleforce box... is there a "copy & paste" function in this hobby?

    2. I wish...I remember after I made one of the annihilation barges, and took the time to magnetize so my buddy could swap back and forth between it and the command barge...i was done. I can't even imagine that ghost ark!

  3. Gah, I've got an annihilation barge to do as well! Don't remind me!

  4. That Ark looks beautiful tripwire, I'm no stranger to painting yellow and can appreciate a class paint job in that colour.

    Great stuff.