Monday, January 19, 2015

SHOWCASE: Nemesis Dreadknight

At long last, I finally finished up my Nemesis Dreadknight last week.  Lots of pics after the jump!

This one took me a while.  OK, they all take me a while. I tried out some new stuff on this model- most notably the chipping medium. The results aren't bad, but I definitely need to practice more with it and see if I can figure out how to get cleaner paint jobs without cracking.

I'm definitely starting to get more confident in my freehand. All the swords and the text on the pilot's banners are among the best I've done.

One thing I tried with mixed success was getting tonal variance on the Vallejo golds by applying Reikland washes over the top.  It came out great on the sword hilt, but blotchy on the hammer. The washes on the flamer for the heat distortion certainly came out better this time.

Here he is with the alternate build. The hammer and sword are magnetized (not that they need it). The psycannon and flamer are just clipped on thanks to their nice design. The strut arm that holds it in is just loose-ish at the shoulder so it can rotate out of the way enough to swap the weapons out.

Excited to call this one done (though now I see I have some lenses to go back and finish-D'oh). Up next, I'm due for a change of pace. I'll either do some Tau or possibly some Inquisition.

Always happy for comments and crits. 



  1. That is so good. I love the dynamic pose mate. I'm so impressed!

    1. Thanks man. That model could have great poses with just minor adjustments to the kit. It's a shame they didn't set it up well. I only cut one joint (left knee). Everything else is just tweaked within an inch of its life.

  2. I can think of no greater tribute to Dr King's legacy of tolerance and compassion than a 30 foot tall killer robot piloted by a religious zealot.

  3. That Dreadknight looks fantastic. Very nice blend to the base as well, love the damages.

    Is the blade brush-blended or airbrush? It looks great.

    1. Thanks. It's airbrush. Just starting to get in to brush blending. Here's my method for the force weapons: