Friday, January 23, 2015

WIP: Psykers and Shapers and Fireblades, oh my!

With my Dreadknight finally off my table I'm eager to start up some new projects. Hey, maybe I should finish up all these half finished models...

I really love the time right after you finish a big project. The world is so new, so full of possibilities. The biggest thing for me right now is figuring out where the next big project will lie. Back to my long neglected Tau? More GK? Inquisition? Something new?

While I'm figuring that out, I'm going to do some house cleaning. I've had a Kroot Shaper and a Cadre Fireblade sitting around base coated for easily a year now. I really should finish those up- not because my army necessarily needs them, but because they're good models and they're already in progress. Better get them done and packed in foam before the cleaning lady scratches my nice airbrush fades.

Meanwhile I've got model ADD and I do really want to get going on an Inquisition ally. Since my two main armies aren't great at allying with each other and my next potential army probably won't be either, I think Inquisition and Assassins are a nice little thing to have around since they can pad out the holes in any list pretty well. Just because I love ruling the psychic phase, and my Tau are completely screwed in that particular part of the game, I'm going to start with some Psykers. I kind of like these models, even if metal is kind of a pain in the ass.

I decided this was a good low pressure situation to practice my green stuff sculpting too, so I did a little custom work on each, starting off pretty easy by adding a hood to one model and purity seals to the others, plus some custom bases. 

Oh, and total side note, picked up a Scharff brush...dang man.  What have I been doing to myself with these crappy acrylic brushes?

Who's got a new project in the works?



  1. Woah woah...wait a minute. Half finished models? Going back to finish them? That's not ordinary! Sounds like heresy!

  2. Cant Wait to go up against those inquisition guys!