Friday, March 27, 2015

DISCUSSION: Deet's Grey Tide

Every once in a while, I think it's good to take a look at your growing pile of minis and remind yourself what you've got ready and waiting. Here's what's collecting dust at Casa Deet.

Amazing thing, this plastic crack.  No matter how much I tell myself, "that's it, self. No more buying minis", I still seem to be able to get around that or just downright ignore it and buy all kinds of new shiny things. Now, I just started my 3rd army, so that's a big reason for the pile's recent growth. The rest, I've got no excuses. Let's look at what I've got pending.


3 XV8 suits (with custom poseable arms and legs!)
Devilfish (who am I kidding, Hammerhead bits needed)
12+ Kroot (assembled)
Shaper (in progress)
3 Stealth suits (75%) done
3 Knarloc Riders
3 Kroot Hounds
10,000 drones (I have yet to actually model up shield or missile drones, should probably get to that)
Forgeworld Drone Sentry Turret (it was on sale, sue me)
Weapons! (I am really low on magnetized weapon options, and really need to get some of these done so I can WYSIWYG)
Riptide (I haven't bought one yet, but seriously, how have I played Tau 2 years without one? *slap* OK, OK. I'll be good)

Grey Knights (and Inquisition)

5 Terminators (I may do as Paladins despite their current disfavor)
10 PAGK (Probably will be Purifiers)
Land Raider
2 Jokaero
2 Assassins
Dreadnought weapons (from Forgeworld- nobody uses Dreads these days, but I like the model and take him occasionally)

Alpha Legion

22 Marines (base coated)
Lord (base coated)
Command Squad (will likely build a Sorcerer and another Lord...mount needed)


Remember that forest I started last year? Yeah, I didn't either. Poor Kroot.

OK...That's not too bad. Right? Right? I won't tell your significant other about your pile if you don't tell mine. Deal?



  1. Sounds good Deet....I almost bought tons of chaos stuff for this new codex...finish the ork walkers first greg!

    1. I know man. That Khorne codex is killing me.