Wednesday, March 18, 2015

WIP: Necron Tomb Blades & Tyranid 'thropes

So much for stemming the grey tide. Two new kits underway!

New Year's resolutions be damned!

It's never gotten out of hand for me, as I usually only have 3-4 active projects at once, but I was really hoping to get my hobbying to a place where I was done with everything and just noodling details on a few models.

Admittedly, though, I DO need the Tomb Blades to run a Reclamation Legion (and thus, a Dicurion Detachment) The sprues, like all the new kits, are insanely packed, and come with tons of options.

I got the new plastic 'thropes box to replace the spindly, finecast venom I had in my army, and add some psychic punch with new zoans. It went together quickly, and like most of the tyranid kits, it's a fun design with decent sculpts.

I bought some spare bits online, so instead of choosing which three I want, I can build 2 venomthropes, 3 zoanthropes and the neurothrope.

So the tide is currently:

1 Land Raider (assembled and partially painted)
2 Venomthropes
3 zoanthropes
1 neurothrope
3 tomb blades
1 ghost ark
1 annihilation barge
5 deathmarks (assembled and partially painted)
10 canoptic scarab swarms

The 'thropes will paint up really quickly, and the blades shouldn't be so bad. The real bitch is going to be that second ghost ark. the first one was a technical nightmare, and I'm sure the second one will be just as time consuming.

Here's to the never ending hobby!



  1. what bits did you have to buy to get 3 extra figures out of the zoanthrope/venomthrope kit?

  2. I purchased 3 chest fronts, 3 tails, 3 sets of the tiny little claws that go on the front, and 3 sets of spore pipes. This allowed me to build 2 venomthropes, a neruothrope and 3 zoanthropes.