Wednesday, June 3, 2015

WIP: Space Marine Land Raider

Back to work on my first Land Raider!

Got this from Deet about a billion years ago, and started on it last fall. Finding hobby time as a father has been hard, but I need something to transport those CC Terminators I finished!

I've kept most of the components separate, so they can be batched. A great example are the treads. This is something I picked up on a blog while researching my first tank build. Keeping them separate makes for easier priming, base coating, washing and dry brushing. Once they are complete, you snip them off the sprue and glue them to the model!

I've used modeler's masking tape to mask the body and apply different colors. the line is clean, and there's less chance of the tape peeling up the base coat underneath.

This one is slow going, but I'll get it done at some point...



  1. Was wondering what happened to that tank

  2. The tread tip works especially well on LR's, as the sides of the treads are covered by the model. Don't even really have to fuzz with cleaning them up.