Tuesday, September 8, 2015

WIP: Alpha Legion- Back in the Saddle

Finally back to painting after weeks off. Alphas on deck!
I'm putting my condo on the market next week, so a large chunk of my stuff is in boxes off in storage so as to make my place look bigger for potential buyers. That means all my painting stuff too! It's been at least 3 weeks since I did any real painting, and I have to admit the break was nice. Trip and I haven't been able to get much gaming in either, so I'm not feeling particularly motivated at the moment. Gaming always gets me itching to paint more.

The Forgefiend is what I really want to be doing right now, but with some airbrushing left to do there that's more equipment than I'd like to fish out of boxes. He'll have to wait. So it's back to the troops. That's probably good as I need at least 5 more of these painted before I can drop a minimum force org (yes, I still pay attention to that).

I'm just doing all the blacks now, which includes the undercoating for the metals. Slow going with these partially assembled but I enjoyed it more than I usually do. Weeks off will do that I guess. I've got a second squad, plus a HQ ready for the next stage now. I might just plow through the remaining 10 though.  This is the painful part for me, and the sooner I get through this the sooner I've got two full squads to field rather than screwing around with the minimums.

Oh, and I went back to my old synthetic brush for the blacks. After using Series 7s and Scharffs for a while, I was missing the stiffness of that nylon brush for getting in to deep crevasses. I'll definitely be using them for the finesse work, but I think I like the crappy nylon for this undercoating. 

Wish me luck actually keeping this out on the table over the next few weeks. Going to be tough with open houses starting soon.



  1. I know it took you a long time to get the exact blue tones you wanted deet...but it sure paid off!

    1. Funny thing is it didn't take long at all. First try did it. It just took me a month to decide it was right.