Thursday, February 4, 2016

WIP: Bring on the Space Lizards!

I can't even field a full FOC of my last new army and I'm already on to another one. I'll get back to my Alphas shortly, but for a quick change of pace I'm breaking out the Space Lizards. Time to get my Seraphon on!

I've been wanting to paint this army for a long time. All those big dinosaurs and the amazing Aztec influence... Love it! I even collected a bunch of Aztec/ Mayan art reference last time I was in Mexico planning for this eventuality.

I'm starting off with the Saurus squad. As per usual, I like to start with basic troops to feel out the color scheme before I move on to the special models. The sprues on these guys aren't too bad, but with all the scales and spikes there's still a fair amount of cleanup to be done. I'm averaging about 20-25min per figure. Not horrible, but boring. Every once in a while I'll pull that Carnosaur out of the box to get my blood flowing again and keep me inspired.

Not much I can do on these guys beyond assembly with all my stuff still in storage. That includes most of my photography equipment, hence the lack of 'Fiend showcase today.

Just put another offer in on a house today so maybe I'll get my stuff back soon. Wish me luck!



  1. Ooh, space lizards! Any idea what broad colours you'll be going for at this stage?

    1. I think on these guys at least I'll be going with the standard blue but, being me, I'm going to throw some orange in on the backs. I have an unhealthy relationship with orange.

    2. excellent, I love the classic scheme!

      If you like orange check out this battle report, with a mate of mine's judicators space marines!


    4. The Tangerine Gods approve.

  2. Carnosaur! Carnosaur! Carnosaur! Carnosaur!