Tuesday, February 23, 2016

WIP: Kitbashed Space Marine Chaplain

Created a custom chaplain so I could run the Battle Company formation. Details after the break.

Having purchased the new reduced cost, Gamers' Edition of the Space Marine codex (after swearing to never pay for another codex again - shrewd move, GW, shrewd move) I realized I needed a chaplain to run the Battle Company formation.

Sadly, all the official models are either metal or finecast ( NO THANKS!), so I kit bashed my own. I trolled the bits box and ended up with this:

The two real challenges were the Crozius, and the skull mask. I created the Crozius from a terminator thunder hammer handle and a bit from the Basillica Administratum kit. I'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out!

I tried a skull from a servoskull bit, but it was too small. Fortunately, while trolling my scenery bits box for the Crozius, I saw a skull embedded in a buttress!

A little hacking on the buttress, and some surgery on a corvus helmet... and VIOLA! a chaplain's skull helmet. Not the greatest, but certainly table ready.

I've applied the black and begun painting the other parts. All I need to do to complete it is to edge highlight the model, and finish the details.

Here's to free dedicated transports!



  1. That's nice, man. Makes me want to break out the bitz box and do some more kit bashing.

  2. There's a plastic Chaplain but he comes bundled with a bunch of other stuff. It's a good model but maybe not as cool as some of the other Chaplains.

    I see a lot of people making their own Chaplains who decide to find a way to make their own skull helmet, from using CSM helmets and servo-skulls to using WHFB skeleton skulls. Yours is by far the most ingenuitive.

    What are your thoughts on an idea I've had for a while: taking a normal Mk IV or Mk VII helmet, and simply painting a white skull on the forehead and faceplate, with the marine's eye lenses being the eye sockets for the skull? I thought it was quite a novel idea until the 30K Night Lords started doing it.

    1. That might be really cool. If I need to make another chaplain, I'd consider it.