Tuesday, March 8, 2016


 My box arrived in the mail yesterday! Some quick photos after the jump.

I'll do a proper video unboxing this weekend, but in the meantime, here are a few quick photos of the set.

The box has a great image on the back that shows all of the models as well as the game board.

Opening the box, you are greeted by the sprues and the booklet.

The game tiles are similar to the ones in Space Hulk, or Betrayal at Kalth - a high quality, gloss board, printed on both sides. There are a ton of them!

Plenty of bases, cards and dice are included, as well.

And of course, tons of sprues that include both factions!

As a heads up, I'm not interested in the cult, or the game, so those items will be posted to ebay - follow us on twitter to be notified when they're up for auction. https://twitter.com/Wrath_blog


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