Thursday, March 24, 2016

WORKSPACE: Deet's Hobby Room 2.0 Is Born

It's got a long way to go before it's fully up and running, but I'm beyond excited to finally have a fully dedicated hobby space.

The soon-to-be-missus and I moved in to our new house last weekend. She graciously agreed to let me have an entire room (mostly because she didn't want to look at all my stuff, but I ain't picky).

The first thing I love about this room is the light. During the day, I've got those two great windows bringing in a lot of natural light. They also let me finally hook up the exhaust vent on my spray booth, so that will be nice.

I've got a nice big couch in here, which will generally be used by the lady when she's feeling abandoned by my incessant painting. I'm hooking up a TV that will be visible to both of us because I like having background noise while I work.

We hit up the Container Store this weekend (nice little Saturday, you know) and picked up a ton of organizing stuff. I'm really excited about the little grey drawers for all my painting and sculpting tools. I may even be able to fit all my paint in there...we'll see what makes sense. I also picked up this great storage box to keep all my bitz collection organized. Trip sells his bitz. I keep mine because I like to pretend I'll use them someday.

The desk is the really sub-par part of this setup for now. A small Ikea desk ain't gonna cut it for long. Will have to upgrade to something more substantial soon with some storage drawers and a large enough tabletop for separate computer and painting stations. Regardless, I'm excited to unbox all my long-buried plastic friends and get back to it!

Anyone have great hobby spaces they're proud of or have seen around? Now's the time when I can make this amazing, so I'd love suggestions.



  1. Great stuff, glad you got a Weeman room too. Now some Black Library art prints for the walls. Here's mine:

    1. That's pretty great. Wish I could work out a gaming table but I don't think that's in the cards. Fortunately, Trip's got a fantastic one.