Monday, February 20, 2017

WIP: Seraphon

Steady but tedious progress on the Lizards...

I hate to post between milestones, but painting this many guys at once means serious hours go in without hitting any big breaking points. There's 21 Saurus in this setup, and it takes me about 20-25 minutes on each one to brush on the base Kantor Blue for the scales. That's going to be somewhere in the 8 hour range just for one color. Yeesh. I've got 7 guys left.

I've also put some time in on the Carnosaur to break up the blue monotony, getting in most of his dark scales and claws and a coat of Rhinox down for a base under the leather and gold.

Unfortunately, work calls me off to Sweden again so progress will have to wait. I have a feeling it will be significantly chillier than it was last time I went. Ulfast, maybe I'll catch ya at the gaming store.

Hope to finish off the basing next weekend.

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