Monday, February 6, 2017

WIP: Seraphon Start Collecting Box pt2

The time has finally come to get some paint on these bad boys!

Man, it's been way too long since I started painting some new units. I've missed the sound of that airbrush compressor, the hum of the ventilator hood, and the shrill sound of my wife complaining about the house smelling weird as I spray airbrush cleaner through.

I've got the whole lot based now, minus the throne and reins parts from the Carnosaur. This is the first time I'm painting an army in the official GW paint scheme. I've kind of decided to use these guys as a challenge to myself- see how close I can get in quality to the official GW photos of each unit. I'm not necessarily trying to match the paint job, but use similar colors and match the quality within my own style.

I started with the Saurus, painting all of them some variation on the official Sotek Green. I say variation because skin tones vary within a species and, well, it's just more fun to paint some variation. I gradually mixed in small amounts of Fenrisian Grey as I went, so the Saurus I painted toward the end were more to the powder blue side of Sotek with all variations in between.

Next I moved on to the mounts. These I painted Vallejo Heavy Green moving towards Mutation Green. The lighter chest portions are Screaming Skull/Ushabti Bone. Couldn't quickly find an official color scheme and I always prefer dropper bottles anyway, especially when using an airbrush. And no, I don't want to go through the trouble of swapping bottles as nice as it would be for storage.

Finally, we get to the Carnosaur. I actually intended to grab the official colors on this, but when I got to the local hobby store (I haven't been to this one in a while) I remembered that they stock just about every single paint brand and product out there (seriously, it's awesome) EXCEPT Citadel. So, Vallejo Gory Red it is for the base coat. He'll get some slightly lighter Scarlet scales eventually. Underbelly is the same Skull/Ushabti combo. On this guy I may go back and try to match how the 'Eavy Metal painter did his because I like his transition from red to tan with the splotches and stripes.

There it is. I'm impressed I managed to get all of this done in one week. The boss passed out early a lot this week and I had more time than usual. I'm itching to get to the next steps.

Incidentally, if you happen to live in the LA area, check out Burbank House of Hobbies. They carry both full Vallejo ranges, MIG's whole line,'s fantastic.

See you next week.


  1. organic stuff is so much fun. I've only ever done wolves, but I love the saurus models.

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