Monday, March 20, 2017

WIP: Alpha Legion Lord

Time for a break from the Lizards. Oh hai, Mr Chaos Lord. Sorry I've been ignoring you for the last couple months.

This guy has been just sitting in the back of my painting area for a long while now, waiting for inspiration to strike. Turns out, 6 weeks in a row of posting the same basic crap was all I needed.

So here he is! The primary progress made on the Lord is that I got his base painted up. Will need a coat of mud, and that'll come shortly and affect his armor and cloak as well. I've also glued on his backpack and...skirt.

I also tried to give glazing a try. Hadn't really tried it per se and the cloak was feeling really flat. Now, I probably should have done that BEFORE I did a crapload of freehand, but oh well...Probably tough to tell in the cell phone pic anyway, but the shadows are painted...and probably lit as well just to make it really tough to see.

I really need to figure out what I'm going to paint those ropes. They've been black for way too long. I was hoping for something other than silver, but since I've got nothing it'll probably go that way. Anything else will just pop too much and break the Alpha thing.



  1. That's lovely cloak work and especially the freehand. Perhaps purple ropes?

    1. Hmm. That's a color I definitely hadn't considered. Have you seen something purple in the Alpha stuff out there? I've really only seen blue, green, and silver. Pretty limited color options.

    2. No not seen, but he'll to tradition, these are Alpha Legion!