Tuesday, August 7, 2018

REVIEW: Kill Team Starter Set Unboxing

Let's do this.

I don't have time to play Warhammer 40K. It's as simple as that. Parenthood simply negates the possibility of spending 4-6 hours playing a game.

This, however? This I can get into. You had me at "short, skirmish battles", but oh, that terrain. Lord help me! I am nothing, if not a terrain whore. I'm the guy who bought the forgeworld cities of death tiles, and the original Imperial Sector box that contained one of every building they made.

First thing you notice; the weight. Holy hell, this box is just a few ounces shy of 10 POUNDS. Unreal.

The finish of the heavy stock, gloss cover is great, (aren't they all?) and has some incredible artwork. The back shows nearly everything you get, but doesn't prepare you for what's inside...

Sliding the cover off reveals a one-sheet inside. and the reverse is the art from the cover, unmolested by logos or copy. It's on a heavy stock, so if you're into either of these armies, it's suitable for framing.

Good lord, that's a LOT of plastic. There's your 10 lbs right there.

Each faction comes with models, a lore booklet, data cards, tokens and tactics cards. The Skitarii are molded in red.

And the Genestealers are molded in grey.

I'm not interested in starting either of these factions, so the complete sets are up for auction! You can bid on the Skitarii HERE, and the Genestealers HERE.

There is SO MUCH terrain. I can't even wrap my head around it. A quick demo in the store showed me how insanely modular it is. Having built the old style buildings, the difference was night and day.

Under the terrain was another one-sheet. Sadly, it's a duplicate. And below that are all the rules and game materials, including the (very hefty) new book.clocking in at over 200 pages.

Lastly, you'll find the game board. It's heavy, has an excellent matte finish, and is double sided. (though there's little difference between the sides - bit of a missed opportunity here) Frankly, I love this thing. I've got realm of battle tiles, resin forgeworld tiles and neoprene mats. These make a cool looking surface that's smooth to play on (no wobbly models!) and the size fits on a kitchen table. So smart.

Honestly, I'm blown away by the value of this set. For $130 you get $100+ dollars of terrain, two $40 squad kits, dice, 200 page rule book, faction specific materials and a game board. If you're interested in Kill Team at all, this is the kit to buy.

Even if you just want the manual and tactics cards, buy this instead, sell of the models and terrain and you'll recoup your cost and get the rules for less than the price they are sold at alone.

A MUST buy.



  1. Didn't you get sand coloured terrain sprues? I thought the Kill Team box comes with coloured sprues.

    1. it's just a trick of the light in a poor cell phone pic. They are definitely sand colored! :)

  2. I just got my set yesterday. I'm also still trying to wrap my brain around just how much stuff is in here. Amazing value on the boxed set. The Terrain alone comes to something like $160, and then the Rulebook, datacards, and the two Squads would be another $135 if bought separately.

    As someone with a pretty sizeable collection of Sector Mechanicus Terrain, I also really appreciate that this stuff is built to be able to mesh with that line. The vents and pipelines, the height of the floors, the width of the wall sections and floor tiles, it's all in the same ratios.

    I need to play around with it a bit, but just looking at the sprues, it looks like it might be possible to flip the floor tiles over and use the gridded side as the top for extra variety and/or to make a better visual match with the Sector Mechanicus walkways and platforms. So much cool stuff!

    1. Yep - you can flip them... I think there were even some pics in white dwarf where they are running the mechanicus pipelines into the round 'fans' in the new imperialis wall sections... over the top of 'flipped' imperialis floor plates. The terrain is one of the best parts of the release I think - it all feels really solid compared to the administratum stuff a couple of years ago.

    2. Reluctantly linking to spikey bits - you can see some examples of promethium pipes on top of flipped imperialis tiles... https://spikeybits.com/2018/07/kill-team-modular-terrain-etb-kits.html

  3. ok thats it, I'm buying it. Was saving up for Adeptus Titanicus but this is just better in so many ways. And I don't have to get a second mortgage to play it. Get the starter set, maybe some more terrain, thats it. I already have the models to build kill teams for 7 different factions and (wonders will never cease) Lictors are viable!

    1. I know! I'm going to buy my 1st lictor! So excited!