Tuesday, February 11, 2020

WIP: Dark Angels Primaris Army - Part 15: Master Lazarus

If GW makes a Primaris Dark Angel, I'm going to buy it. I'm weak like that.

Things haven't been going great lately, and although I don't normally practice "retail therapy", I needed a bit of a diversion.

Picked this guy up at my local shop and set to spending a few hours entranced. The last thing I need is another HQ for my Angels, but eh... why not?

The box contains an inner blister and full color instructions - I suppose in an effort to make you feel like your $40 is well spent, despite the fact that you can buy five deathwatch marines for less. (the antique skeleton warrior is something my son asked me to repair)

You can build him out as the named character, or a generic Primaris Master with a power fist or sword.The limbs look like they'd work with magnets and a little snipping, if you're interested in maximizing your dollar and options. However, you'll need extra shoulder pauldrons as the included ones will have to be attached to the arms. (I suppose you could magnetize those as well, but trust someone who has been down that road; don't do it.)

He comes with the standard 40mm base, which seems like a cost cutting measure. Many of the characters in Sigmar have wonderful, scenic bases included. I've selected a base from the Shattered Dominion set I purchased last year and added some additional debris to fill it out.

I swore fewer sub-assemblies when I started this army last year, and I've stuck by that, but I made painting Azrael much more difficult by assembling him. Lazarus is a character, so I think I'll keep him in sub-assemblies to allow a greater level of finish.



  1. "If GW makes a Primaris Dark Angel, I'm going to buy it." Yep. Me too. Take my money, GW! Love the base. Can't wait to see your paint work on this project.

  2. I'm using shattered dominion bases too but yours actually looks good. I hope you repaired that skeleton!

    1. Straight up threw it in the trash! Fiddly little joints. He'll never miss it, he has a bunch of them.