Friday, August 29, 2014

WIP: Tau Drones and Rhino Hatches

Slow progress on the drones and some custom hatches for my Rhinos!

Finally getting around to painting the remaining drones I need. Not really exciting, but I'm forcing my self to do it before I start on my Necrons. I've base coated the models and assembled them. Tonight I'll seal them with a satin varnish then oil wash them to finish.

I use high grit sandpaper to scuff the acrylic bases. This helps the PVA glue adhere to the base when I sand them. As it's Labor day weekend here in the states (4 day weekend for me!) I'll have these done by monday.

I'm really excited about these custom hatches for my Imperial Rhinos! I had them cut on the laser cutter at work. I've never liked the large, rectangular hatches on the official build, and I occasionally run these as Razorbacks, So I had these made to fit the turret mount. Can't wait to get these painted up!

The pieces simply friction fit into the turret hole, allowing me to run either build.

Lastly, I picked up a bottle of testors model masters series liquid cement. I recently left my beloved revell contacta pro at a friend's house, and grabbed this as a replacement. I used it to assemble the drones and hatches, and I can say (so far) that it's really impressive. I'm not sure how the long term will play out, but surprisingly, it actually takes a set much faster than the revell.


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