Wednesday, October 1, 2014

SHOWCASE: Grey Knights Stormraven

Put a fork in it.  The Stormraven is done! At more than 2 months and who knows how many hours, this is easily the most time I've ever put in to a single model. Pretty darn happy with how it came out, and I can't wait to field it! Dangerous amounts of model porn after the break.

One of the benefits of this blog is that it forces me to keep moving forward. I could always keep going on all my models, but it's time to move on. I've really loved working on this model. It's my first flyer, and first Imperial vehicle.  GK always have a challenge of not becoming silver/grey overload, but I think there's enough little details in here to break it up and keep your eye interested. I know there's a lot of mixed reaction to the Stormraven but I really like it. Sure it's boxy and not realistic, but very little of GW's stuff is.  I find it fun.

I never showed a final WIP on my base. so here's where that went.  A lot of press molds, some green stuffing, twigs from my failed attempts at gardening, and even one of them fancy Japanese scratch build parts just to add a little interest. In the end I really like it and think it adds to the story I've started on my other GK figures.

And now for the model itself.  You can tell I'm proud.  Way too many pictures. 

You can see a fair amount of weathering on the bottom.  It's a mix of powders and Tamiya Weathering Master.  I'll probably mess with those a bit more and do a full review  for you next week. 

magnetized the wings and side doors/bolters for easy storage/transport and switchout.  All of the other weapons are press fit- the only one that I'm at all worried about staying on is the front missile pod, so I might add some shims to the back of that piece. I put a little teflon powder in the front turret so that it could still turn smoothly.  The top turret was so tight with all the layers of paint that I don't think it's really ever going to move so I didn't bother with it.

You can see I didn't paint the Plasma Cannons. Somewhere along the way I lost one of my little red sheaths.  I'm guessing it fell prey to the cleaning lady's vacuum.  Those guns will have to wait until I get around to making another one.

So there it is.  The long saga is finally over and I'm eager to move on.  I've been neglecting my Tau force for a while, but I think I might stick with GK and start on a Dreadknight next. They're pretty much crucial to the army. Will have to see what I can do to spruce that model up as I'm not a huge fan of the weird pilot-taped-to-the-front idea. I've seen some cool conversions out there that make him look like more of a big robot rather than an exosuit and I'm eager to get a handle on greenstuff finally.  I smell another long haul ahead.

Comments, crits, and questions always welcome. 


  1. Really nicely done Deet. A model to be proud of. Tons of subtle details and weathering on this!

  2. Sweet lord, bro - I don't even know where to start. Amazing work. I can't wait to see it in person

    1. Out of commission this weekend and next, but maybe we can get a game in next Friday afternoon? I'll be nice and leave the Culexus at home.

  3. Man that thing is hot as hell. Wow.