Monday, December 29, 2014

SHOWCASE: Tau army featured on Tale of Painters Blog

My Tau Sept, Arashikage, is featured on the ToP today!
As teased last week, I've been invited to guest post on ToP, and show off my Tau Sept in a multi-part series. Today's post features an HQ, two squads of Fire Warriors and a Stealth Team.

To be frank, ToP is the reason the Hammer of Wrath exists. I came across their site when they began the mega-painters project, and was inspired to start my own large scale army, and chronicle it on a blog. In fact, Arashikage is that army.

So here's to coming full circle. It is a special privilege to be asked to post of a blog of such note, and that I am able to post the army that they inspired only makes it sweeter.

Thanks to Garfy, Stahly and the entire ToP crew.



  1. dang, someone's been busy in the photo studio! Looks good man. Congrats!

  2. And a great looking Army that is too. Congrats on getting out to the wider audience, I found you through ToP. Some excellent stuff here I will enjoy delving into your back history to get some good ideas for my Tau, Relictors and Necrons...

    1. thanks for finding us! Take a look through the post history - we've been at this for over a year! Lots to see!