Friday, December 5, 2014

The grey tide

Not as bad as some collectors... but still, it's starting to stack up.

I don't horde models. Generally, I have two or three options going at once, so that if I get bored, I can change gears. (see this month's switch from Necrons to Space Marines) But lately, things have been accumulating. Let's see what we've got.

Still haven't finished these close combat terminators. Started second guessing the color scheme against my main force, and then the holiday hit.

Also need to finish this land raider, which means a trip to the shop to exchange the stupid miscast part. :(

Aaaaand here's the rest of the Necron force I bought on craigstlist. There's a battleforce box.

The command barge / annihilation barge kit.

And the Lychguard I bought to turn into lords and crypteks.

Oh, yeah, digging through my box, I found this - another set of close combat terminators. Probably just ebay these. I dunno.

Add to this, the new tyranid kits I want to get, including the drop pod (x2) and the venom/zoan thrope kit, and it's beginning to pile up. Turns out, when you have a kid, a ton of your free time disappears. Who knew?

Anyone else getting buried under the tide?



  1. Just ordered 2 boxes of the new BA tac marines, on top of I have the following still in their shrink wrapping/ziploc baggies (Forge World):

    Land Speeder x2
    Land Raider x1
    Land Raider Redeemer/Crusader x2
    Predator x1
    Baal Predator x1
    Blood Angels Battleforce
    Deimos Vindicator
    Centurions x3
    Drop Pod x1
    Mechanicum Thanatar
    Mechanicum Tech Thralls
    Mechanicum Myrmidon Secutors
    Mk IV Tac marines x40
    Mk IV Heavy Support marines x10
    Volkite Culverin x10
    Autocannons (for Heavy Support) x10
    Librarians of variou flavors x5
    About 100 space marines in various components

    I'm sure I have another 2 dozen models as well that I don't feel like listing.

  2. Ugh, off the top of my head:
    XV8 x2
    Stealth squad
    Knarloc riders
    Sentry turret
    Kroot x30?
    Cadre Fireblade
    Land Raider
    GK terminators x10
    PAGK x10
    Inquisition squad x10

  3. OK. I'm suddenly feeling a lot better about my short stack!

  4. Alright regular readers and new visitors, who can top darian and deet? List 'em up!

  5. Neurothrope, Zoanthrope, Venomthrope, Spawn of Cryptus, Tyrannocyte, Tesseract Cradle, Haruspex, Mawloc, Dwarf Hammerers, Necromancer, Thunderfire Cannon (why did I buy this?!), Red scorpions tactical x10, terminator x 5 and maybe the rest of the Shield of Baal: Deathstorm box if I can be arsed building it.

  6. Three killa kans, one deff dread, one stompa, one mega dread, one gorkanaut, one imperial knight, one painboy, one kff big mek. (Can you see my theme? :) )

  7. Storm Claw Boxset
    DeathStorm Boxset
    Space Hulk Boxset
    Half a Dark Vengeance Boxset
    Epic 40,000 Boxset from 1997
    Space Marine Megaforce
    Ghost Warrior Megaforce

    And if that isn't bad enough, I have Smaug on his way.

    1. You found one?! Who was nice enough to sell it to you (for an enormous markup I'm sure)?

    2. isn't that thing like, $450 retail to start with?!