Wednesday, December 10, 2014

WIP: Land Raider

Made a little more progress on my Land Raider! Pics after the jump.

Sorry for the delayed post, I've been sick as a dog since the weekend. Deet was kind enough to swap days with me, so I could cobble together a few pics of my progress.

Before I was struck down with the nurgle's rot, I managed to prime and pre-shade my land raider this weekend.

I applied a layer of vallejo grey primer using an airbrush.

Once that had dried, I applied a base of vallejo bone white to the interior. I did this before I assembled the top panel, so that it would be easier to reach the rear of the compartment.

When that had dried, I glued the top panel in place, and secured it using rubber bands overnight. There are a few places where I will still have to fix seams, but it's better than nothing.

In preparation for the pre-shading, I masked off the turret opening. Don't want anything getting inside to ruin our bone white.

I then applied a pre-shade using vallejo black primer along all the panels and recessed corners. It's sloppy, but it won't make any difference once the base coats are applied.

While I had the black in the airbrush, I also primed my treads and turret base.

That's all for now. Base coats next!



  1. Hate you. Been sitting on my LR for over a year. Looking good man.

  2. Heh. Heeeeey....that technique looks familiar! ;-)

  3. I always forget about that awesome technique for the never see those sprue bits because they are hidden. Wish i'd remember that. Looks about 500x easier to work with them that way...

  4. which chapter is the landraider for?

    1. It will be for my Ultramarines successor, The Sons of Titan.

  5. I hate painting tank treads. However, the tutorial I did for the aged metal on the Reaver Titan's legs works stupendously for tank treads as well.