Friday, February 13, 2015

SHOWCASE: Cadre Fireblade

My Cadre Fireblade is done.  Bring on the overwatch!

I powered through this guy pretty quickly last week. With an all new army on the horizon, I'm eager to get started ASAP. Took my time on his face and some freehand though.

I've often found I'm not at all happy with my tone blending, so I'm pretty pleased with how this head came out. Some good detail and the colors all blended together pretty nicely. Unfortunately, I got a gunky cast on the body, so a lot of the fine detail on his emblems weren't terribly sharp. I had to paint some of it in! Oh well. Good enough for a tabletop model.

Whatcha think?

Going to force myself to finish my Psykers before I start my Alphas. Can't wait to be surrounded in that new army smell.


  1. this guy looks great. can't believe you painted the pupils!

  2. I actually find painting eyes/irises to be less stressful than painting tank treads. Painting tank treads is something that for some reason angers me. I have no idea why. I have so many tanks near completion except for the treads. i'd rather paint a thousand irises than paint 5 tank treads.