Friday, February 20, 2015

SHOWCASE: Tau Crisis Bodyguards

A detailed showcase of the Tau Crisis bodyguards shown last week.

Monday I showed off my Crisis Commander. He was pictured in the header image flanked by his personal honor guard, Second Shadow. I actually crafted these models before I completed the HQ - placing the cart firmly in front of the horse.You can see the wip HERE.

In all fairness, though, I planned to complete all three at once, using the XV88's included in the two battleforce boxes I purchased. But, on seeing how dated and limiting the existing crisis model is, I decided to purchase the new finecast kit for my commander.

While I think it's great from a unit perspective that the battleforce has been updated to remove the devilfish and kroot, replacing them with 3 XV88's, it doesn't change the fact that the models are complete shit. They are dated on both a stylistic and technical level, and without heavy modification, don't stand up to the more recent GW sculpts.

I conceived them as a pair, mirrored in every way, flanking the commander - completely inseparable - like a second shadow. I broke style with my established color theme to set them apart visually, and indicate they had a special task. I magnetized the weapon hard points, except for the shield generators. I like to play WYSIWYG, but couldn't pass up the buckler aesthetic they created when arm mounted. I painted my Sept's marking on the generators, and on the heads.

To make them look like bodyguards instead of regular crisis suits, I lowered their profile and added additional armor. I chopped the neck posts off and mounted the heads directly to the neck joint, and added a custom made gorget. I also added stealth warrior armor on the shoulders.

I'm pleased with the contrast they provide against my main army colors when paired with the commander. I just wish the models were better...


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