Monday, February 2, 2015

SHOWCASE: Custom Gaming Table

A long overdue look at the custom gaming table created for the Hammer of Wrath studio! Pics and details after the break.

Shortly after moving into the new house, I fulfilled a dream, and created a custom gaming table for my hobby room. Cost is always a consideration, as most of us would like to have a cool surface to play on, but would prefer to spend money on models.

Having seen several amazing, custom crafted tables on the internet, I began by contacting local craftsmen for quotes -- and quickly realized that was not a viable option for my budget. The lowest estimate I received on a bespoke table was $2,500.

I needed another solution. Out of curiosity, I looked on craigslist and found a full size, hardwood dining room table for $60! In fact, I found several. It's amazing what people are willing to part with when they are faced with moving, and just don't want to deal with massive furniture. The addition of a piece of particle board on top, ($30) would achieve the needed 4' x 6' dimension.

A single cut on the particle board trimmed it from its stock size of 4' x 8' to the GW regulation 4' x 6'. Using leftover molding, I created and glued "L" brackets on the underside of the board. This allowed me to rest the board on the hardwood tabletop, securing it from sliding, without permanently attaching it to the table. In time, when I have to sacrifice my hobby room to the offspring gods, I can dispose of the particle board, and resell the hardwood table.

To finish the table and hide the particle board, I edged the sides with 1" x 4" planks ($6) that were stained to match. And there you have it; a custom gaming table for around $100, constructed in a single afternoon, with no advanced carpentry skill needed!

As an optional feature, I have hinged one of the edge boards, so that it can swing down, allowing for the table to be used as a hobbying surface, when not being played on. And if you're really lucky, and work someplace with a laser cutter, you can even cap the corners with custom Imperial Aquila!



  1. Great table trip and I love the Aquila corners ;)

  2. What a fantastic table. The Aquila corners really take it to the next level!

  3. Those Aquila corners are fantastic!

  4. So... How about possibly selling those corner pieces? I'd pay good money for something like that and I'll be making a table just like this some day.