Tuesday, August 25, 2015

UNBOXING: Armillus Dynat

Bought my first Character Series model from Forge World. If you've never had the pleasure yourself, check it out!
One of my impulse purchases at Gen Con was to pick up the famed Harrowmaster of the Alpha Legion, Armillus Dynat. I've seen plenty of pictures of the various models online, but I'd never forked out the cash. There's some pretty amazing models out there, and I'm glad to have one for my slowly growing Alpha army.

The box is pretty slick with a foil stamp on top and a nice canvas paper. I've worked on game products in the past and know that's a pretty nice quality stock and stamp. It's fairly expensive as package materials go, especially when you're used to clamshell packaging. Now, does that make a difference to me? Does it make the model a better value? Well, I guess it adds to the opening experience, but after that it's just crazy expensive resin and a nice black box that'll likely get tossed or used to house something a lot less glamorous. I'll admit I like it.

Now for the model itself. One of the things that's always intrigued me on these HH models is the bases. The display base/model base thing is pretty cool and I was always curious how they made it work. You can see the two halves of the display base in the upper left, and the figure base in the lower right. That hex jag should make it match up pretty tight. Fingers crossed. I'm guessing I'll need to break out some magnets. It's a nice looking base.

It's no secret that we at HOW aren't particularly fond of resin. Now, that's largely been due to Finecast and a little bit of Scibor stuff. This is the first real model either of us has had from Forgeworld and its resin deserves its own verdict. Really, it's the molding that is usually the issue, not the resin itself. From this pretty small sample size, I'd have to give them a B. Overall, the molding is pretty clean with a little bit of easy flash and only a couple of mismatched edges to clean up. One is on the back of the head. Another on the smooth upper leg. No sweat. The only part that will be tough to clean up is the scales on the side of his leg. Delicate work. It wasn't a particularly bad cast or anything, just a rough place for a parting line. They didn't really have a better alternative- that's the sculptor's fault, not the mold guy. The details on this guy are really solid though. Sharp and clean. Good stuff.

So there you have it. First character model ready to roll. Now he's not exactly at the top of my painting schedule, but having him in the box will keep me motivated to get his forces ready.

Anyone else painted one of the character models?



  1. can't wait to see this one come together.

  2. Going to look epically awesome! I've found with FW resin, it's very hit or miss. I have some older sculpts that are awful...some newer ones that are pristine, and some newer ones that are just ok.