Tuesday, August 18, 2015

WIP: Alpha 'Fiend Color

Back in the saddle with a little time on my airbrush, I've finally added color to my 'Fiend.
Gen Con was great, but as with every vacation that meant that work was crazy when I got back. Add to that I'm working on selling my place and trying to buy a proper house (one that will damn sure have a hobby room!), painting time has been tight. Doesn't help when most of your hobby gear is in boxes in the closet. Evidently prospective buyers aren't turned on by spray booths and drop cloths. Go figure.

I've been jonesing to get the color on this guy though. It's such a cool model!

To catch up to this point, you can review here. As I did with my basic troops, I then based the blue in Vallejo Medium Blue. You can see I didn't bother masking any of the black- it'll all be metal anyway and so any overspray will be covered. I'm trying to be more controlled with my airbrushing though and this is a good safe way to practice.

Then I followed that up with a directional highlight with Light Turquoise. I've even thrown in a couple of hot highlight dots, my first little attempt to emulate Angel Giraldez. Got a ways to go. Those will be hit again with a little more white in them. We'll see how I do trying to hit that exact spot again. 

I'm digging the blue. It'll really pop when I get to basing all the metal in black. Before I get there, I'm toying with airbrushing in some green jewel tones. I found this 'Drake a while back and really dig the effect. Gorgeous work.

That's it for this week. See you next time.



  1. That's some great airbrush control deet. I barely see any overspray if any at all! Blue's are very vibrant and gorgeous!

  2. that drake is cool looking. good find.