Tuesday, August 4, 2015

WIP: retouched AoBR tactical squad

Time to touch up my original Assault on Black Reach squad!

Because I was new to the hobby, my technique wasn't great, and I made some bad decisions about paint and materials, these guys just don't look as good as they should.

I wanted my first army to be Blood Ravens. But when I started in the hobby, I decided that I was too smart to pay $4 for a small pot of paint, and instead went to the local art store and bought whole tubes of acrylic for $1.50 each. I went to art school, and I knew my paints, so I refused to be ripped off!

Shockingly, the art store red paint took dozens of coats to cover, and still looked like crap. I tried an ultramarines scheme and realized that the blue took even more coats! Broken hearted, I settled on a scheme that was grey, so I could use spray primer I had on hand, and be done with it.

To make matters worse, I made my own wash with paint and water! Look at this poor guy here - he's so dark and covered in fine grit from my home made wash.

Thankfully, I saw a GW painting guide, and some great online tutorials on youtube, and realized the error of my ways. I painted the rest of my models using proper paints, washes and techniques. But I was always ashamed of this squad - the grimy, red headed stepchild of my force. They were sent on the deadliest, often suicidal missions, so they could be removed from the table first.

I used my army color, vallejo cold grey, on the surfaces, and a mix of cold grey and dead white to create edge highlights. I touched up the shoulderpads with ultramarine blue, and the trim with old gold and a highlight of silver.

I spent last week retouching two models every night, to bring the squad in line with the rest of my force. And while the poses are a bit stiff because they are starter set models, the fresh paint makes a load of difference.



  1. Trip, nice revisit, but I have too much to-do stuff to revisit any of mine! And as for grey schemes, you could have painted Relictors! I love em. Good stuff

    1. I should concentrate on new models as well, but these guys were driving me crazy!

  2. That is a great revisit. I almost never do this because in addition to my poor paint jobs, I also did not clean any mouldlines, sand, or trim sprue excess, or drill bolter holes...making it easier for me to start from scratch!

  3. SO many mold lines on these guys, but I was like, "the hell with it."