Tuesday, January 8, 2019

WIP: Primaris Apothecary - My 1st Primaris

An unexpected gift from a friend and co-worker.

I received my first Primaris Marine from a good friend for the holiday. I've considered selling my existing Marine army and starting a much smaller Primaris force, and I fear this may be the catalyst.

I was surprised to see the box included an inner tray to hold the sprues, instead of leaving them loose inside-- seems a bit unnecessary. Was also caught off guard by the full color insert. GW is stepping up their presentation.

Unsurprising is the masterful detail and organization of the sprues. There's no arguing that GW is the top of their field in this.

Assembly was simple, and (as usual) the instructions were expertly laid out. I did leave the model in sub assemblies, as the weapon and off hand both would have caused problems reaching the details on the lower body.

Didn't expect this to be on a 40mm base, but I guess it makes sense since the old marines are now on 32mm. Wonder if all Primaris are on 40, or just the characters.

Not sure when I'll finish this one up, as I've no longer got a dedicated hobby space since turning my hobby room into a bedroom for my sons. (fatherhood; what're ya gonna do?)



  1. It's just the characters that are on 40mm bases - no doubt the apothecary and chaplain are some of the nicest sculpts going, as is the primaris librarian. All the latest character models seem to come with the inserts to hold the sprues in place, I guess it's to stop potential for damage from sprues bumping against each other, though I can't imagine this was a major problem before.

    The problem I had with the idea of a 'smaller' primaris force is that I soon discovered how nice the models were. And now I've got over 3.5k pts of them without realising!

  2. Do a Primaris Force but of a different Chapter, one perhaps from the fluff that needs reinforcements like Scythes of the Emperor or Howling Griffons? And yeah, Characters are bigger bases, some on 50mm too. I’m very slowly adding to my fledgling force, literally very slowly, two done so far! Lol