Thursday, January 3, 2019

SHOWCASE: Trip's 2018 Year-End Recap

2018 draws to a close. Let's see what we accomplished.

Each year sees a diminished output thanks to the demands of parenthood, and a waning interest in the hobby-- but I did dabble a bit, and finished a few projects. With the images below, you'll also find links that lead to the individual posts for each project.

I completed Drenn Redblade and Zameon Gydrael to finish Squad Donatus, along with some odds and ends that came with the set.

I also finished the Venerable Dreadnought to completed the Start Collecting! Space Marines set.

Taking a break from the Grim Dark (tm), I completed R2-D2 and C-3PO from the Bandai Star Wars range. I grabbed these on a trip to japan, years before.

Continuing my break from warhammer, I painted some baby dragons from Super Dungeon Explore!


Was cooking up something big for...

Months' of work and a massive setback finally gave way to the completion of my first flyer; an Astra Militarum Valkyrie.

I also painted regimental markings on the Astra Militarum tanks I had completed in 2017.

And in the run-up to the release of Kill Team, I was inspired to paint Jensus Natorian.

With an abundance of terrain, I combined two old, completed ruins into a single larger building.

I completed a Deathwatch Kill Team.

Let's see how I did on my resolutions from last year's recap.

- finish deathwatch overkill marines INCOMPLETE
- sell unwanted models on ebay COMPLETE
- finish start collecting! Space Marines set COMPLETE
- finish Astra Militarum Valkyrie COMPLETE
- purchase long-term storage solution for all my models IN PROGRESS

While I failed to finish the deathwatch marines from the overkill set (dunno if I ever will) I DID finish the years-old Start Collecting! box as well as the Valkyrie. I also sold off my unwanted models, and purchased storage for my infantry miniatures-- now I need to buy storage for my vehicles and terrain.

- sell off unwanted armies
- sell off unwanted terrain
- purchase storage for remaining vehicles and terrain
- finish stripping and sell off the Marine restoration lot I purchased in August
- finish Super Dungeon Explore!

Here's to another prosperous and healthy new year!


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