Tuesday, March 12, 2019

REVIEW: Games Workshop Carry Case

Transporting your Kill team in style.

Last week we reviewed long-term, large scale storage solutions. This week we'll review something a little smaller...

The Feldherr storage solutions are great, but if you're popping over the the local shop for a quick game of kill team, it's a bit silly to drag along a massive container made to hold dozens of models.

Enter the Games Workshop Carry Case. A compact way to carry your kill team models, and ensure they make the trip in one piece.

I picked up this case at my local shop and am pleased with it so far. It's a good solution for transporting a single squad safely, and the foam design is great at accommodating models of several shapes and sizes. I'm able to carry my Deathwatch as easily as my Tyranids.

The outer shell is firm, but lightweight, and the top layer attached to the inner lid holds everything in place when it's zipped closed.

It's not without shortcomings, though. As with all things GW, the $35 price was a bit steep for what it is, and similar products are available online for a much cheaper cost. Beyond that, an interior pocket or sleeve to store tactics cards would not have gone amiss.

Overall, a decent product that serves its function well, but buyers should look for alternative options at a more reasonable price.


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