Friday, July 18, 2014

Various items

Just a few odds and ends about the hobby. Including some pics from our most recent game.

The studio is in disarray, and I actually haven't worked on any warhammer stuff since finishing my Tau Crisis Commander. So here are a few related items from last week.

Warhammer 40K: Carnage received an update that includes multiple bug fixes and user interface refinements, as well as adding a playable Dark Angels character. My previous review on the title noted that it captured the tone and manner of the world, but lacked in gameplay depth. While the core gameplay remains largely shallow, the user interface refinements are much appreciated, and the addition of new, Dark Angel specific drops is nice. Kudos to any developer that continues to support software after its release.

Needing a break from the grimdark of the far future, I picked up sodapop mini's SUPER DUNGEON EXPLORE on amazon. The tabletop game includes over 60 anime "chibi" style miniatures cast in resin, and should provide a nice break from power armor and pulse weapons. Whenever I need to reset my mojo, I can always spend a day painting something cute. I expect to have the set complete sometime around 2018. :\

Lastly, Deet and I got a game in last weekend, (weekend before last?) and having just completed my first psyker, the tyranids stayed on the shelf, and my chapter, The Sons of Titan, made an appearance.

We played 1,500pts, and the game was very close for the first half. Tons of amazing stuff happened, like my tactical squad dropping behind enemy lines, doing absolutely nothing in their shooting phase, and then soaking up firepower from Deet's ENTIRE ARMY before finally buckling. After slowly destroying my dev squad, a badly damaged Longstrike turned his ion cannon towards one of my remaining tactical squads, and proceeded to blow himself apart with a flawlessly timed (for my sake, anyway) "gets hot!" roll.

And my HQ, the recently minted librarian, embedded in a 10 strong assault squad, slammed into Coteaz and his grey knights - only to be struck down after 3 turns of close combat, when his psychic mojo gave out, and he was unable to keep his squad invisible, or activate his force weapons!

That's all for today. I'm about to pop off the the shop and get a game in, to try and motivate myself to get back the painting table.


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