Wednesday, March 4, 2015

REFERENCE: Samurai Armor

A few weeks ago I got to attend one of the final days of a fantastic exhibition on Samurai armor at the LA County Museum of Art. I went a little crazy on pictures, but I'm posting them up for everyone's benefit. Reference porn after the jump.
OK, no seriously, I went crazy. I took WAY too many pictures to post here, so I'll just throw up some highlights and you can view the more of the collection HERE. I'll also post the link in the Reference tab so it can be accessed easily in the future. Unfortunately almost everything in the exhibit was behind 1/2" glass and it was low light and no flash allowed, making focus and decent quality pictures damn near impossible. It'll be good reference nonetheless.

The details on these things were incredible. There was inlay work so fine I don't think I could have painted it, much less chisel it out and fill with shaped metal. Japanese craftsmen take it to 11, and I freaking love it.  What was most surprising to me was the quality of the colors after so many centuries. Amazing.  Enjoy!



  1. Check out former 'Eavy Metal painter's Emperor's Shadow chapter.

    1. Those are nice! Cool idea. I don't know if I have the patience to do that level of customization on an entire army

  2. These reference pictures would go hand in hand with the Ronin figure from Pegaso.