Tuesday, September 22, 2015

TRAVEL: Games Workshop Berlin

Always fun to visit a shop in another country!
Traveled with the family last week to Switzerland and Germany, and had the chance to stop in a GW store in Berlin!

The shop was conveniently located just off a subway (U bahn) stop, which made it a snap to get to, even for a first time traveler. Big windows with tons of sunlight and a helpful staff that spoke excellent english were also a plus.

I was going to pick something up, but was pressed for time, so simply stopped in to check it out. They had plenty of sigmar boxes on hand, though... LOL.

In related news, I happened to be a local department store in the toy section, and spotted something unexpected - a modeling aisle! In the US, scale models have long been relegated to specialty shops, so seeing this was like spying a unicorn. BUT it gets better;

They had Revell Contacta Pro! This is the best plastic glue in the hobby, and is NOT available in the US. I normally have to special order it at a considerable mark up (usually around $14 a bottle). The price in Berlin? Less than $3 US, given the exchange rate! Unreal. I nearly bought half a dozen bottles on the spot.