Tuesday, November 10, 2015

WIP: Star Wars kits

My recent haul from Tokyo!

I couldn't pass up buying a few more kits from the Ban Dai Star Wars collection. They are incredibly detailed, and very cheap compared to 40K kits!

Having purchased an X-wing in April, I thought I'd pick up the companion, a TIE fighter. I also grabbed Artoo and Threepio! I plan to complete them in the heavily damaged, Tattooine scheme.

Each kit comes with full color instructions, and the sprues are well packed and separated by molding color.


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  1. This is making me miss building Gundam models when I would stay at my family's place in Tokyo/Meguro-Yuutenji. My cousin, my brother, and I would spend days putting together tons of models (back when they were about 100~300 yen a pop). Got a stack of them at home I need to eventually build one day.